Credits and Contact

I would like to thank the following individuals, who have been there throughout my writing endeavours.

  • Radek Mierzejewski, for helping me setting this up as a continuous birthday present.
  • Graham Thomson and Moritz Kraft from the Sixth Fleet RPG game, USS Saturn, for being available to discuss story ideas and acronyms.
  • Nigel Gillson, for agreeing to being Tuckerised as the Governor of Mars Colony, and proofreading earlier drafts. I assure you all, Nigel's a pretty awesome guy.
  • Perry Caudell, for being a good mate online.
  • Jack McClure from Iron Thumb Press, and author of the Puss and Boots series, for having faith in my writing.
  • Mark Hyacinth, for agreeing to interpreting On The Beaten Path into a script, and for being a good mate online.
  • Chris, Monika and Sean Gamble, my friend, cousin and friend respectfully who have the misfortune of flatting with me. I appreciate the fact you keep me honest--you rock.
  • Richard Lotts for getting involved in designing the cover for On The Beaten Path and design random things for me.
  • Captain Sam Jones, U.S. Air Force Inactive Reserve, for making sure my fictional military organisations look realistic and plausible.
If for whatever reason you'd like to get in touch with me, email me on