Role-Play Gaming

Before I even contemplated writing full time (and who really does in their early teen years?), I had discovered this pretty awesome concept known as play-by-email gaming. In essence, it's a form of collaborative writing where you portray a totally made up character aboard a spaceship or whatever. Most of it revolves around Star Trek and other science fiction settings, such as the ever popular Stargate or the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. Now, don't ditch it. Play-by-email opened a whole new world for me; meeting people in the United States and throughout Europe, which was pretty cool.

For those of you interested to know where I started writing, I will happily admit that I started writing via the means of role-playing via email simulations.

I have been involved in them over the years, even managing mine own through the Sixth Fleet RPG (currently linked through
Links to Sites). Presently, I play the chief engineer aboard another Star Trek themed game:

To join, just click on the banner below, and join up:

The Saturn is also linked through the sites section.

Piotr Mierzejewski
June, 2011